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Office Closed on Memorial Day
May 26 2017 - Staff

The CAYSA office will be closed for the Memorial Day holiday.

We will open as usual on Tuesday, May 30.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Feedback requested on possible League
May 25 2017 - Staff

CAYSA is exploring the possbility of having a high school 7v7 league. We're inviting feedback on the preliminary rule set and thoughts on what our members think the league should and shouldn't be. Please send feedback to to these folks.

Coaching Courses at CAYSA
Apr 28 2017 - Staff

CAYSA will be hosting coach education courses in June.

June 2-4, we'll be hosting the USSF E course.

The two weekends following, we'll be hosting the NSCAA Advanced National course.


Coaches, please take advantage of the opportunity to take these courses close to home!


We will be needing demonstration players for the Advanced National course, June 10, 11, 17, and 18. The volunteer players will have a chance to work with the Advanced National diploma candidates and/or the two NSCAA State Directors who will be leading the course. If your player, team (or part of your team), or club is interested, please contact admin@caysa.org. Players in U14 and older playing in D2 or above are preferred, but good D3 players in that age range are also welcome!

Academy Festival May 6
Apr 25 2017 - Staff

The Academy Festival to finish the Spring 2017 season will be on May 6 at CAYSA. We'll have 64 teams playing on that one day, so it will be a full day of soccer.


The schedule is up again. Two games in U8 were changed on April 26, so please confirm your schedule. The schedule is available. 

Field Map --This will be updated before the event, but the fields won't be changing.


We'll see you for a great day of games at the CAYSA Fields!

Please park only in areas marked on the map and not on any area ever used as a soccer field, as the irrigation system is easily damaged by vehicles driving on it.

No pets are allowed at our facility; please enjoy them at home.


Food and drinks will be available on site. You'll see the grill in the parking area in front of the Meeting Hall. 


Players will need to check in at the Meeting Hall with their player ID card to get their hand stamped before their first game.



U11 Directors Cup at CAYSA fields
Apr 13 2017 - Staff

CAYSA will be hosting the U11 games in STYSA's Directors Cup at our fields in Manor.


No pets are allowed at our facility; please enjoy them at home.

Smoking, vaping, consumption of alcohol, use of drones, or other activities prohibited by STYSA rules or policies are not allowed.


We will have food trucks on site, as well as a dedicated area for teams to set up tents and hang out during the times between matches. Portable toilets will be set up around the facility. Toilet capacity in our building is limited by the septic system and will not be available during the event.


The field and parking map is posted on STYSA's Directors Cup page and will be updated as locations of amenities are confirmed.

Parking is on grass fields, which can become slick if there is rain. Parking is also limited, so please do not bring trailers or other towed attachments to the facility. Some drives will be marked as one-way; please honor those indicators.

When leaving the facility, please turn right on Hwy 290; there is a U-turn just a few hundred feet down the road (at the Shell station) for those needing to travel west.


In addition to a soccer facility, this is also a working farm out in the country.

For your safety, please stay away from the barn, garden, water tank/pond and other non-soccer areas. Farm equipment can be dangerous; if you or your children are near any, you're somewhere you shouldn't be. Poisonous snakes (rattelsnakes and cottonmouths) have been seen in non-soccer areas. (We also have other kinds of non-poisonous snakes on site which help control some pests.) 

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Use caution when parking on non-paved surfaces.
No Updates for WCRP during the season. Please check home club website
Tryouts may begin for U12 and older
6/2 - 6/4/2017
CAYSA Hosting USSF E Coaching Course

One weekend course for the USSF E coaching license. More info on  STYSA's E course page.

6/9 - 6/18/2017
CAYSA hosting NSCAA Advanced National coaching course

Two-weekend coaching course from the NSCAA.

There is a prerequisites for this course: the NSCAA National diploma, State/USSF D or USSF C, UEFA level 2 certificate or Canadian B license.

See the NSCAA site for more info.

7/21 - 7/23/2017
STYSA Summer GBM (in Houston)
CAYSA GBM: 7pm at the CAYSA office
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